Porsche 356 T Shirts –

Limited addition T Shirts , all sizes Sm. To Xlg. Black with images on the back. 100% cotton , very durable ink images. $40.00 shipped in the Conus. Purchase use PayPal.me/SpyderwerksArt Design 1 or 2

Solex 32PBJ carbs –

Offering a very nice set of Solex 32PBJ’s, set up for a 546 engine. Professionally cleaned, shaft bore opened for bronze bushings, throat bored, new butterflies and shafts. Injection and float levels set, bench tested. Comes with the usual 356 Carb Rescue warranty. Price reflects outright purchase. If you have cores, price will be adjusted based on the condition of your cores, ie missing or broken parts. Max $900 core value allowed.

Trunk side wall repair section. –

This is a fine straight repair panel for the driver front trunk wall. The panel was made by Trevor from Trevor halmerworks. His retail is 950. Save a bit. Never used. Still in the primer it came in. Shipping is not included. This is a little bulky so depending on where you are located (zip code wise) it maybe a little pricey. Thanks KS for looking and please email any questions or reasonable offers.

Solex 40 PBIC Carbs –

This pair of Solexes, as used on preA 356's w/ 528 engine set up ( Specify TOWN or SPORT ) have been restored to concours condition. Shaft bore has been opened to accept bronze bushings, then throat bored slightly oversized, added new shafts and new butterflies. Float height and Pump injection set, bench tested. Carbs have the usual warranty covering our workmanship at 356 Carb Rescue. But if you have cores for exchange, cost would be adjusted by condition of your cores, ie. missing broken or damaged items. Maximum core value $2000 on exchange. Thanks for looking
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