Porsche 356 Axle Boot Kit – German –

AXLE BOOT KIT - New ... Axle Boot Kit - Porsche 356 - German , Complete- Includes a Boot, 2 Clamps and Hardware (fasteners)! Made in Germany. Axle Boot Kit Porsche 356 Made in Germany Condition - Good Sold each (1) Buy it Now! Store Catalog Link! http://www.wagen-werks.com/axle-boot-kit-porsche-356-german/

Bosch fog light covers –

This is a very hard to find set of Bosch fog light covers in very good used condition. No stains, very clean, minor traces of wear, inside foam has been removed but is easy to replace. These covers will protect your expensive Bosch (or Hella) small ball fog lights (130/140mm in diameter max.) with authenticity. 150€ + 10€ worldwide shipping. jepilo.
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